Bosque del Mar


Set on the beautiful beach of Playa Hermosa, Hotel Bosque del Mar faces the sunny northwest coast of Costa Rica. The hotel is a perfect mix of gardens, ancestral trees, clear ocean and a beautiful soft sand beach. It is framed by a personalized service filling the spirit with tranquility and a free sense of peace. The surf concert will relax your body and soul, while monkeys and iguanas play among the numerous trees. The Playa Hermosa Bosque del Mar hotel is the perfect place to experience the wonders of a dream beach holiday in the sunny Guanacaste.


Hotel Category RatingHotel Category RatingHotel Category RatingHotel Category Rating



– 32 Rooms
– Gourmet Restaurant
– Pool
– Air Condition
– WiFi
– Members of the Costa Rica Code of Conduct

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