Hotels Near Rincón de la Vieja, Tenorio, and Miravalles Volcanoes

Rincón De La Vieja, Tenorio And Miravalles Volcano Hotels And Attractions

Guanacaste mountain range, nestled in Costa Rica’s northwest corner, boasts a landscape of majestic volcanoes and diverse habitats. Hike beneath the shadows of iconic peaks like Rincón de la Vieja National Park, known as Costa Rica’s “Yellowstone” for its geothermal wonders. Explore hidden gems like Rio Celeste and Tenorio Volcano National Parks in Bijagua, an area teeming with wildlife – tapirs, monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds like toucans and motmots. After exploring, soak in a natural mud bath at the Miravalles Volcano foothills. Guanacaste Volcanoes offers a perfect blend – a paradise for every explorer, combining breathtaking natural beauty, thrilling activities, the charm of traditional haciendas, rich local culture and cuisine, and the awe-inspiring power of volcanic activity alongside pristine blue rivers.

Best Things To Do In Rincón De La Vieja, Tenorio And Miravalles Volcanoes

Santa Rosa National Park & Liberia City Tour

Commemorating Costa Rica’s victory at the 19th-century Battle of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa National Park now protects one of Central America’s last dry forest fragments—this diverse habitat shelters jaguars, monkeys, peccaries, and birds like the beautiful Turquoise-browed Motmot. Hike the park and then explore Liberia, nicknamed “The White City” for its historic white adobe houses. Stroll the charming downtown with your guide, learn about local history, and pick some souvenirs.

Among the best Miravalles Volcano hotels, the unique Rio Perdido Hotel and Thermal River offers a place for relaxation and adventure vacations close to nature, and hot springs.

Tenorio River White Water Rafting Class III & IV

The beautiful Tenorio River is known as the best rafting river in Guanacaste. The pure white-water flows from Tenorio Volcano in the Guanacaste Mountain Range. The rafting route combines nearly 20 kilometers of rapids with magnificent landscapes surrounded by tropical forests. No experience is required, but good effort is needed on this world-famous class III and IV river. A delicious lunch will be provided to fuel the energy burned on the way down.

Borinquen Thermal Resort Day Pass

A full day of fun exploration awaits at the Borinquen Hacienda! Your day pass includes a horseback ride to magnificent waterfalls, a tree-top adventure in the canopy-zip lines, and the hot springs facilities at this unique property in Rincon de la Vieja Volcano´s foothills. Experience lush forests, listen to the roaring waters of rivers and waterfalls, discover the legacies of ancient cultures, and spot elusive species of birds, lizards, and mammals.

Borinquen Thermal Resort is the perfect Rincon de la Vieja hotel to experience all this beautiful area has to offer.

Hacienda Guachipelín, One Day Adventure pass

The adventure pass combines the best experiences in one action-packed day! It includes thrilling activities like a canopy tour and rappelling through the Rio Blanco Canyon, a tubing adventure down the Class III rapids of the Rio Negro River, a horseback riding adventure, a visit to a waterfall, and finally, a chance to soak in the volcano-heated thermal waters, steam, and mud bath. A hearty lunch is included to fuel your adventures.

Let Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin, the best Rincon de la Vieja hotel, be your gateway to endless adventure and local discovery!

Hacienda Guachipelin Mountain Biking

This mountain biking tour at Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin bordering Rincon de la Vieja National Park, travels on single track trails along three different routes and accommodates all levels of riders: beginner, intermediate, and expert. These trails as the only ones in Costa Rica for mountain biking on the foothills of an active volcano! Explore 30 kilometers of trails mostly in the shade of leafy trees, and incredible views! The altitude and temperature here is comfortable and very enjoyable for mountain biking. Surrounded by nature, you have ample opportunities to look for wild animals such as monkeys, coatis, armadillos, and amazing Costa Rica birdwatching locations, and more!

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Dive into the heart of a volcanic wonderland at Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica’s “Yellowstone.” Hike through steaming vents, bubbling mud pots (“Las Pailas”), and lush rainforests teeming with monkeys, toucans, and exotic birds. Explore a landscape sculpted by ancient eruptions, with diverse habitats ranging from dry savannahs to cloud forests. This 35,000-acre park offers moderate hikes and stunning waterfalls, perfect for a memorable adventure.

Horseback Riding

Saddle up for adventure in Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s “cowboy country”! Explore scenic trails, hidden waterfalls, and fiery sunsets near Rincón de la Vieja Volcano on horseback. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned rider, this working ranch offers gentle horses and tours for all levels, from relaxing one-hour rides to full-day adventures

Rio Celeste

This famous park is located in the northern zone of Costa Rica, just 30 minutes away from the town and hotels of Bijagua. At the foothills of the lush rainforests of Tenorio Volcano National Park, you will discover one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets. Rio Celeste is a beautiful and striking turquoise-blue river with a blue lagoon and an enchanting waterfall hidden in the lush jungle (you really must see it to believe it!). A rainforest walk leads to the teñideros, a joining of two streams that give birth to the river’s name! Animals and birds are abundant in this magical region!

Rio Celeste Hideaway is the best Bijagua-Tenorio hotel next to the National Park and nearby nature wonders.

Tapir Valley

Tapir Valley is a private nature reserve in northern Costa Rica, dedicated to protecting the rainforest and its inhabitants. The 220-acre reserve features primary and secondary rainforest, and is home to a variety of wildlife, including Baird’s tapirs, jaguars, collared peccaries, and many bird species. Once a cattle pasture, Tapir Valley was purchased by conservationists in 2007 and restored to its natural state. Today, it is a thriving ecosystem that provides habitat connectivity for wildlife between the Tenorio and Miravalles volcanoes.

Origins Luxury Lodge is one of the most luxurious Bijagua and Tenorio hotels, and it will make the best of your stay as your home base.

Heliconia Hanging Bridges

Just minutes’ drive from Bijagua, the Heliconia Hanging Bridges are comprised of three suspended bridges connected by 4 kms of rainforest trails all set within a 70-hectare private preserve. Here, you observe flora and fauna from ground level to the top of the canopy of the 40-meter-tall trees. It is a unique experience to learn about the complexity and beauty of the rainforest canopy. The flora and fauna to be enjoyed is stunning!

Rio Celeste Tubing

Enjoy a half-day adventure of whitewater class I-II tubing along Rio Celeste. This exciting experience promises a unique ride along the famous blue river waters. Start with a safety orientation briefing by your friendly local guides before going to the river and learning how to maneuver your tube through the rapids. Your river guide will show you the best routes through the class I and II rapids. Midway, enjoy a break in a gorgeous blue pool for a refreshing dip.

Tree Chocolate Farm

Gerardo and his family will give you a deep history with chocolate at the loved Tree Chocolate Farm. It won’t surprise you that entertaining your guests with a ‘bean to bar’ experience is a must! From picking the cacao pods straight from the tree, using a stone to open them, learning about the fermentation and drying process, trying a hand at using a traditional “metate” or native indigenous grinding table (or perhaps just a modern metal hand grinder), to ultimately tasting the creation! The guides will share the history, origin, and varieties of cacao. Tip: Try them all! Also, be sure to bring along a little cash to purchase some.

La Anita Rainforest Ranch is an excellent choice for staying close to Bijagua and Rincon de la Vieja hotels near the unique Volcanoes nature attractions.

Wildlife Observation In Rincón De La Vieja, Tenorio And Miravalles Volcanoes

The dominant dry forest in the North Guanacaste mixed with the high diversity of species found in Guanacaste volcanoes foothill rainforest makes this a perfect place for birding and animal watching. Spotting howlers, spiders, white-faced monkeys, sloths, coatis, and agoutis is highly expected during nature walks. Also, there is a high chance of finding peccaries, pumas, anteaters, and tapirs in the wild.

Among birds you may see are: Thicket Tinamou, Crested Guan, Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Snowcap, Blue-throated Goldentail, Double-striped Thick-knee, King Vulture, Roadside Hawk, Pacific Screech-Owl, Black-headed Trogon, Keel-billed Toucan, Turquoise-browed Motmot, White-whiskered Puffbird, Laughing Falcon, Crested Caracara, Yellow-naped Parrot, Long-tailed Manakin, White-throated Magpie-Jay, Rufous-naped Wren, Streak-backed Oriole.

Getting To Rincón De La Vieja, Tenorio And Miravalles Volcanoes

Rincon de la Vieja, Tenorio, and Miravalles Volcanoes are very close to the city of Liberia—all within an hour and a half or less of driving. If you’re traveling from elsewhere, several transportation options are available to get you to this beautiful side of the country.

Private Transfer by Bus

Relax on a scenic 4-hour, 230 km (140-mile) land transfer from San José in a private car with our bilingual drivers.

By Plane

Domestic and charter flights from SJO directly to Liberia International Airport followed by a land transfer to the Guanacaste volcanoes.

Shuttle Services

Opt for a more budget-friendly option with multiple stops.

Visit Rincón De La Vieja, Tenorio And Miravalles Volcanoes With Costa Rica Sun Tours

Get ready for your amazing Costa Rican adventure in Guanacaste! It’s in northwest Costa Rica, with incredible volcanoes and many different areas to explore. You can hike in the beautiful rainforests, ride a canopy tour, see incredible creatures, or soak in relaxing hot springs. Guanacaste has everything you want, from exciting adventures to peaceful relaxation. Let’s plan your perfect trip there!