Meet Our Guides

While each of our guides have unique talents and knowledge and each is naturally the kind of person we enjoy spending time with, for your comfort and safety there are a number of key professional credentials that they have in common;

  • All are native Spanish speakers who are fluent in English
  • All have completed the Costa Rica Institute of Tourism’s training course and been certified as a guide.
  • All attend our annual two day in-house training program. The objective is to maintain the safety of our clients (we provide first aid refresher courses, sessions on adventure tour equipment, etc), and from there it’s on to volcanology, botany and other natural history specialties. Last year we brought in a professional photographer to train our guides on ways to help our guests bring home higher quality photos!

We require our drivers to have basic English language proficiency and a minimum of 5 years driving experience, though typically they have between 10 and 15 years.

Meet Our Drivers

Our private bilingual host drivers are selected for their driving skills, knowledge of the country and orientation towards customer service.  He/she is responsible for staying with the vehicle while clients are at restaurants, doing hikes or other tours so that all personal belongings left in the vehicle are safe.  This service offers you more flexibility in travel time as you can request stops to photograph gorgeous scenery, view wildlife, visit nice local restaurants, meet local people, or take coffee breaks and stretch when you need it.  (Please note that guided nature hikes must be contracted separately.)