Tiskita Jungle Lodge

Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
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Tiskita Jungle Lodge Attractions

Located on the Southern Pacific Coast and fronted by a pristine, coconut palm-lined beach, Tiskita is composed of cozy cabins and a main lodge surrounded by a private 800-acre nature reserve and tropical fruit orchard. The lodge offers excellent walking trails and fabulous wildlife observation, tasty home-cooked meals served family-style, comfortable rooms, and swimming pool. Tiskita is owner-operated and uses environmentally sustainable practices. They are community oriented and support local projects for sea turtle restoration and scarlet macaw reintroduction. They are also active in a project to establish a protected marine zone around the Golfo Dulce.

Tiskita Lodge isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a hidden gem for Costa Rica nature lovers. Nestled within an 800-acre private nature reserve in Costa Rica’s south Pacific, Tiskita boasts a rich variety of wildlife, including over 300 bird species and a lush rainforest teeming with towering trees; explore an organic orchard overflowing with over 125 varieties of tropical fruits. Native, exotic, and endemic to Costa Rica, these fruits range from familiar favorites like mango and papaya to the more obscure jackfruit and mangosteen. The orchard’s network of trails winds through a captivating mix of fruit trees, shrubs, and rainforests, attracting an abundance of fauna. Spot an array of wildlife while indulging in the bounty of the orchard. Tiskita actively contributes to the environment by reintroducing endangered Scarlet macaws and participating and helping in the monitoring program for Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting on nearby beaches from July to October. Beyond relaxation, Tiskita offers exciting activities. Hike through the rainforest, embark on a bird-watching adventure, or delve into the world of tropical fruits with a guided tour. Take a refreshing dip in a mountain stream, saddle up for a horseback riding excursion, find your inner zen with yoga lessons, or stroll along the pristine, uncrowded beach.

Just a 10-minute drive north lies the world-famous Pavones beach, renowned for boasting the second-longest left-breaking wave in the world. This remote and uncrowded beach attracts surfers from all corners of the globe.

Best Things To Do In Tiskita

Rainforest Guided Walk

Tiskita has over 9 miles of well-marked trails winding through the lush rainforest, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore. Our knowledgeable guides, with their keen eyes for spotting wildlife, will lead you on unforgettable journeys right from the lodge.

Morning Bird Watching Expedition

Explore the rich bird diversity over different habitats with the local guide, including the fruit orchard and extensive trail system in second and old-growth forests.

Night Tour

For those interested in experiencing the rainforest at night, Tiskita offers special night tours on nights with optimal conditions, including clear skies, calm weather.  It’s a wonderful place to listen for the nighttime chorus of frogs, toads, and insects! Keep your eye out for sleeping lizards and spiders, and try to spot bats, sleeping birds, or active owls. With luck, you might even find nocturnal animals like two-toed sloths, kinkajous, or armadillos!

Punta Banco Turtle Hatcheries

Coordinate a visit to the Punta Banco turtle hatcheries with our local guide. Learn from the local conservation association about the primary importance of protecting the Olive Ridley turtles that nest on the beaches in the area. If you are lucky, you may even help release baby sea turtles to the beach during the right turtle season.

Horseback Riding

Ride along the trails through the rainforest and our bio reserve, take a trip to Pavones, trot along the beach, or let us design a custom trip just for you.


Peter Aspinall, Tiskita’s owner, has spent years collecting over 125 types of tropical fruit in the orchard, which some endemic to Costa Rica and others from around the world. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal and included in our dining options. The organic orchard has many trails to explore. The mix of fruit trees, shrubs, and rainforest attracts all kinds of fauna, making it an excellent location to spot some wildlife inhabiting the property here in Tiskita.


Practice yoga in paradise! Join a scheduled class or book a private session with a certified instructor on our stunning yoga deck.

Surf Lessons

Local instructors will take you out to hit the waves. From beginner to semi-pro, we’ve got you covered.

Chocolate Workshop

Get hands-on with chocolate! Join our staff for a fun and informative session on cacao cultivation and chocolate making. You’ll even get to create your own delicious organic chocolate bars!

Wildlife Observation In Tiskita

With its diverse habitats, including orchards, open areas, and protected rainforest trails, Tiskita offers a great chance to see a wide variety of animals.

Boasting over 300 identified bird species, Tiskita offers sightings of unique avian residents like: Crowned Woodnymph, Charming Hummingbird, King Vulture, Osprey, Double-toothed Kite, White Hawk, Spectacled Owl, Baird’s Trogon, Gartered Trogon,  Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Fiery-billed Aracari, Yellow-throated Toucan,  Scarlet Macaw, Mealy Parrot, Orange-collared Manakin,  Spot-crowned Euphonia, Golden-hooded Tanager, Green Honeycreeper, Bay-headed Tanager and Red-legged Honeycreeper.

Regarding mammals, Tiskita has a healthy population of Squirrel monkeys, locally known as Titis. Other species regularly seen at Tiskita are Howler Monkeys, White-faced Capuchin Monkeys, Three-toed Sloths, and Two-toed Sloths. White-nosed Coati, Agouti, Tamandua Anteater, and occasionally Humpback whales are seen in season.

Among reptiles and amphibians: Granular Dart Frog, Green and Black Poison Dart Frog, Bull Frog, Basilisk Lizard, Central American Whip-tailed Lizard, Boa Constrictor, Black Iguana, Green Iguana. Olive Ridley Sea Turtles at Tiskita are seen mostly from July to October.

How To Get To Tiskita & Pavones

Tiskita and Pavones are located about 383 kilometers (238 miles) from San José, Costa Rica’s capital city. Getting there is a breeze with several transportation options available.

Private Transfer by Bus

This private transfer from San José to Tiskita and Pavones lasts approximately 7 hours and is handled by one of our private bilingual drivers. You can request stops to photograph gorgeous scenery, view wildlife, visit excellent local restaurants, meet local people, or take coffee breaks and stretch when needed.

By Plane

Fly directly to Puerto Jimenez airstrip, and we’ll arrange a scenic boat ride to Pavones, from there, we will transfer you by land to Tiskita. Or fly to Golfito, and we’ll handle the ground transportation to Tiskita and Pavones.

Visit Tiskita & Pavones With Costa Rica Sun Tours

Visit Costa Rica’s beautiful south! Tiskita and Pavones have amazing surfing, exciting wildlife experiences, and fun adventures. Let us help you plan your perfect trip today!