Sustainable Tourism Program

4 leaf CST Award Certificate

Costa Rica Sun Tours is very proud to announce that we have obtained four-leaf certification from the Costa Rica Tourism Board's (ICT) Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program.

This program was designed to differentiate businesses of the tourism industry, based on the level at which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management and awards one to five leaves.This means that we have reached an excellent level of certification.

We confirm our commitment and best effort towards operating and teaching our guests about sustainable travel practices.

As a leading operator or nature and outdoor adventure tours, it is our responsibility to establish sustainable practices in our office, our homes, and on tour with our guests to help protect our natural environments, promote sustainable travel, and set an example that others should emulate.

We believe tourism should be educational, entertaining, and above all sustainable. We focus on a low-to-no environmental impact and strive to support the local communities that host us. All guides follow strict “green ethics.” Waste materials are packed out of the forest and collection of any kind of natural material is forbidden-even as a small souvenir. We work with businesses that share our environmental approach and beneficially involve local communities. We support programs throughout the country from planting trees toward the goal of carbon neutrality to protecting sea turtles. At the end of the day, each guest of ours will have made a positive impact just by being here with us, enjoying their vacation.

Our company was among the first in Costa Rica to receive the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism designation, awarded by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. This award is given to companies who consistently achieve or exceed their standards of environmental sustainability, business ethics, and cultural sensitivity. We support conservation projects in Costa Rica ranging from rural development to sea turtle nest protection and community education. These efforts have been recognized with an Ecotourism Excellence Award from Conservation International. We are not content to end here and continue to reduce negative impacts on our environment and promote sustainable practices throughout all aspects of our business.